SOLSC 12/31

My hands sweat I try hard to remember the code but I can’t, not with so many people watching. They aren’t usually here but today they are and I have to keep going. The room is loud. How will they here me? I close my eyes, take a deep breath and say a prayer. Give me strength. I opened my eyes and typed in the newly remembered code and pull the clunky black phone to my ear and wait. Then I here it.BEEP! BEEP! With shaking hands I click 00. I have to go now there is no turning back. I began to talk above all of the noise. ” Good morning Portland middle school today is…”

SOLSC 11/31

I walked outside today and insistently closed my eyes to smell the most amazing smell that has ever met my nose. Spring. That gorgeous smell that only comes around a few time a year. The smell just after it rains, muddy sweetness of warm air. It takes me back to jumping in puddles, riding my bike for the first time in months, a morning run and Easter egg hunts. The door opening to capris, light jackets,evening walks, and summer theater.  My hearts leaps for joy and I almost can’t contain my excitement.

SOLSC 9/31

I want to take right now to say how lucky I am. I have never fell real hunger in my belly or true emptiness in my pockets. I have so much more than some. Most of all I’ve never been truly unloved or lonely. Every.Every time I feel bad about something I don’t have I think about what I do have and how truly amazing that is. My mom always says ” someone always has it worse”

SOLSC 7/31

So By the time you are done reading this you will know why my legs hurt and how we accidentally prank called someone. It all started after Chelsea, Taylor, Amber, Rissa (Marissa), Julia and I finished our dinner. We decided to go sledding outside, that sounded like a great idea until we got to the hill… I looked up at the biggest, steepest sledding hill that I have ever seen. We all began our climb, Chelsea and Taylor made it up in about 30 seconds on the other hand the rest of us had some trouble. I was between Marissa , Amber and Julia, as we trudged up untill….
BAM! Marissa’s foot slipped and took us all down with her. We laughed and laughed until our stomaches hurt. Soon after that Amber made it up. Riss, Julia and I fell a million more times, until it was just me, and everyone cheering me on. I was Sooo embarrassed but finally I made it up!

Later we were trying to set up the DVD player and Chelsea decided to call her older brother for help on her new phone. She typed in the number and someone answered.
Person- Who is this?
Chelsea- Josh’s brother ( figuring it was one of his friends)
Person- Who’s Josh?
So they had a super long conversation, us figuring that her brother was just joking. Come to find out that it WAS actually the wrong number.
So this has been a pretty fun party so far.

SOLSC 5/31

At the end of her life aunt June said that all through her life she had felt like she was poor but not until the very end did she realize that she was very very rich, not in money but in family and friends. The more and more I hear about her the more I want to be like her. Today at the funeral two people came up to me at different times and told me how much I meant to Aunt June. I can’t tell you how much that really means to me. I just hope that someday I can be just like her.

SOLSC 4/31

I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck, an awful headache, and a sore throat, but I came to school anyway. My mom said that since I wouldn’t be going to school tomorrow ( were going to my Aunt June’s funeral) that I has to go today. I took some medicine and felt okay until about 2:00. I layed in my moms’S back room until we left and then I took a long before dinner nap. It was beautiful.